The Mustache Ride
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The Mustache Ride

Thomas Prichard Ray Christian

The Mustache Ride is a story of sexual discovery. Driven by a believable cast of characters that will draw you into places you won’t see coming. When Tommy Sullivan discovers the power of sex all bets are off. He leaves behind his childhood innocence in favor of sex, in search of gratification at any cost, on a coming of age journey unlike any you have read. A compelling cast of characters and sharp writing keep the reader engaged till the end. A fresh perspective on innocent crushes, first loves, heartbreak, sex and consequences, and finding that one person you are willing to forget everyone else for. A story so real you will believe it actually happened. All contents of The Mustache Ride, including back cover comments, are fiction. Locations, names, and events are used fictitiously. Any semblance to actual persons, living, dead, or otherwise is coincidental.

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